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Colour analysis and make up consultation

A full colour analysis will be done of your unique characteristics, to determine the best colour pallet for you. You will be shown your colours and how to wear your neutrals and accent colours to achieve balance and harmony. You will receive a wallet of all you best colours (worth €35) to take shopping, to ensure you that every purchase you make is right for you. You will have your full make up applied and be shown how to create a natural look using colours to compliment you. Advice on hair styles and colours will also be given.

One to One Price €125

Group rates available.

colour analysis

Style Consultation

Looking great is easy when you know the lines that will create balance and harmony to your overall appearance. When you know what to wear, you don’t waste money on clothes that don’t compliment you! 
You will be shown how to wear clothes which compliment your natural body shape, proportions, scale and personality and how to dress appropriately and current.
Advice will be given on building your capsule wardrobe and where to shop for your clothes and accessories.

One to One Price €125

style analysis

Mens Colour & Styling consultation:

You will be shown which colour palette and styles best suit you and how to wear clothes to project the right image.The consultation will take place be part in house and part personal shopping. You will also receive a wallet of your best colours.

Price €150  

mens styling

Personal Shopping

A great follow up to a Style Consultation. Whether you’re shopping for a specific occasion or if you need to update your wardrobe, let istyle help you to find exactly what you need and what is right for you slots real money. Take the hassle out of shopping.

Prices: From €30/hour
personal shopping

Make up lesson

Discover the secrets of make up artistry. Learn how to apply make up to achieve the best results, using colours to suit you.

Price €35

make up

Colour Analysis & make up Class

A full colour analysis session and make up lesson in colours to compliment you. You will receive a colour wallet of all your best colours. 

Price €65 each.

Max 6 people per class.  Group rate available.

group colour

1 day Style Class

Learn how to dress to suit your body shape, proportions, scale and personality. Dressing to look taller and slimmer and staying current. 

Price €65 each, including lunch. 

group styling

4 week Colour & Style Courses

These include colour analysis, make up and styling. Click on the Style class icon on the home page for details of locations and course dates.  

Price €65 in full at the first session.


Corporate Seminars & Workshops

These will be tailored to your company’s specific needs, taking into account your company ethos and dress code.